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Inspecting The New Ship, Part Two

Posted on 25 Dec 2016 @ 11:35pm by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Deck 8 - Leader of Singularity Control's Office
Timeline: MD2 - 0535 Hours

The door opened with a hiss. The scent of fresh paint and new material entered Varuh's nose as he stepped into his new office. The lights went on. He looked around. A desk, a comfortable-looking chair, a food replicator and - surprisingly, a coffee machine and a small steel jar embossed with Galae insgnia next to it. Puzzled, he approached it and opened the lid. He rubbed his remaining good eye and smiled. Rak'tajino beans!. Next to the door there was a big monitor panel. He activated it and it came to life showing the overall deck schematics of the new warbird Imperiax. He studied it briefly and nodded - content with what he saw.

He took place in his chair and activated the terminal in his desk. It's monitor slid upwards gently without a noise and activated. He gave a final look at today's watches and teams assigned to shifts and tasks. He made some minor adjustments after his studies of the personel under his command. He tried to avoid placing too many ranking personel into single shifts and kept them seperated and occupied with knocking into shape the rookies. He was sure, that an odd number of them would not be too happy placed under the command of a mere Sublieutenant. Some were even of rank Lieutenant and short of promotion to Centurion. What an annoyance Varuh should be to them. He could already think of their view on this.

Upstart. Political animal. Damn noble.

While those thoughts were beneath anyone who followed D'Era he had at least some empathy for them. This was too early. But the Commander had requested him for this task so he had to ride the dune in a desert storm, as they said on Umbrios. He made sure that he kept the core of his old team - or at least who were left - close to him but not too close. He would make sure that no incompetence could be blamed on him or forged by other, more ambitious officers, for who he might be only a minor obstacle.

He opened his pouch and took out a data crystal and inserted it into his terminal. Some moments and commands entered later, Varuh examined the results of his effords.

"Computer, audio output test sequence activate."

+++Affirmative, Sublieutenant. Testing now. Test complete.+++ a pleasant to hear female voice sounded where the mechanical rasping was before.

Much better Varuh thought. That voice always irked him. It was so...unpersonal and reminded him of Xolecis and his contact with the Borg. A BAD rememberance of burning flesh, smoke and those mechanical chant the drones repeated over and over: Resistance is futile.

He hoped the commander would understand this - if he would even care to ask or notice. After that, Varuh began to start some routine check-up programs looking for flaws in the system. While the diagnosis program run, he began to download data from the internal motion sensors. He would check them later when he was through with his bug-hunt. He could not forget the tracking device the Tal Shiar had placed on the old Imperiax and those Galors leading to her demise were no bad luck - he did not believe in luck. A thing he shared with many Romulans. No, he believed in action and reaction and logic. They were sabotaged, ambushed and left for dying. Whoever did this - he failed. And If Varuh would ever find out who, he would run a Kaleh through him personally - at all costs.

Casting away these dark thoughts, as anger clouded the mind he tried to relax and try his new coffee maker. The scorpion would lurk beneath the sands and wait for his prey, it was the way of the s'Krell.


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